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Saturday, June 6, 2009

I’ve been hearing this ALL day today!  What’s all this about?  Anyone watch Flashpoint?  If you don’t, definitely check it out.  It’s a really good show.  Why else should you watch it?

Today was my very first time at a film set as an extra.  And wow… it was LOADS of fun, and I met some awesome people!  The sun was blaring, and including that with having to do lots of running outside and inside did get a little tiring after awhile though.  I was on set for 12 hours.  I was getting pretty tired by the end … I had to be there at 6am! Crazy early!

Here’s a few photos I took from the set of Flashpoint! In this episode, bombs are about to go off at a university, and they must evacuate all the students and profs, and the SWAT team as always saves the day. =D

I’ve got a bunch of other photos on Flickr:


IMG_0071IMG_0012  IMG_0030 IMG_0035 IMG_0043 - Copy IMG_0070

A little adventure…

After job training on Tuesday… I went on a little adventure to Casa Loma and took a bunch of pictures.  It’s such a stunning place!  Here’s a few photos I took.  There’s so many more on my Flickr =D Check it out!


Done my contest yet? =P

IMG_2588  IMG_2580IMG_2540 IMG_2600 IMG_2581 - Copy (2)