BB Cream Review #2: Derma Rx (Skin79)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


SPF15.  It’s a make-up, a skin therapy and an effective function of the sunscreen in one.”

Whitening.  It also has special skin care properties which is soothing, brightening. all with good, even coverage.”

“derma rx Bablesh Balm is certified the functions of Sun protection and whitening.  It is made with highly effective formula protects against harmful environments.  Nano-coenzymeQ10 prevents free radical activities.  Derma Rx Beblesh Balm provides excellently concealing any types of pigmentation or discoloration area on face including acne, couperose, vitiligo, age spots, sun spots and dark cirles.  It provides coverage without clogging skin pores.  It also has special skin care properties which is soothing, brightening (contains arbutin), antimicrobial properties for acne, redness, irritated skin and helps return to normal skin functions.”

Wow! One of the best BB Creams I’ve tried!! It does EVERYTHING it says it’ll do.  It also feels VERY light weight.  I don’t even feel like there’s anything on my face!! I can still feel like my skin can breath through this! Now, I don’t expect too much from BB Creams in terms of covering up pimples.  But this BB Cream did a pretty good job.  It definately made my spots less noticable.


with and without

My skin on the right… definately looks brighter.  My skin… even.  Me love. =]

What I’m most impressed with with this BB Cream is it’s staying power.  It lasts ALL day.  Oil control?  My skin didn’t even get slightly oily by the end of the day!  The only thing about Derma Rx is that it is a bit drying, most likely because of the oil control ability of it.  My skin right now is normal, and only gets slightly oily by the end of the day, and i did notice dryer patches on my skin.  So… this one, I’m saving for the summer when my skin gets all disgusting. Blah! 

For those with dry/normal skin, I don’t really recommend this to you guys.  Oily skin ladies?… Give this product a go! I give this a two thumbs up!!!!


The finished look with Derma Rx =]



Rachel said...

I have this bb cream and I actually think it's wonderful for dry skin! I get dry patches and scabs from blemishes a lot and it never emphasizes them--my skin just looks normal and smooth. If you find it drying I recommend you mix it with a creamy type of lotion or moisturizer (vs. a gel moisturizer), it makes it much easier to blend and feels amazing on the skin :)

Rachel said...

crap. I just posted under the wrong post. what I said about the BB cream and dry skin was meant for your skin79 beblesh balm post, haha!

Cathy said...

@ Rachel... Thx for tip!! I will definately try that =]

Emily said...

wah, great bb cream review

check out this other bb cream on my blog :] http://ohwowsorandom.blogspot.com/2009/07/beauty-product-review-shills-perfect.html#comments