I’ve really put both these products to the test!

First… the nail polish, the colour is in Tallulah… it’s a limited edition… deep purple.  I had this polish on for a week, and I helped a friend move out of her apartment (includes helping her pack, moving boxes and all that stuff).  I helped her move out the second day I had the polish on.  By the end of the week… my nails look like this…  IMG_0001

There was minimal chipping!! There’s also a few scratches on the surface, but it was hardly noticable!  Keep in mind that I’m pretty rough with my hands… I still do whatever I need to get done without being too careful about my finished nails… I’m just too lazy, and I like to get things done fast. haha

I complained about the price of it in one of my haul posts… but for it’s staying power… I can’t complain about that anymore! It’s amazing =D  Under normal conditions, i doubt there’ll be any chips =D  I’m impressed!  Hands down the best polish I’ve tried!!!! [I have yet to try OPI though] haha


Alright… onto my never ending search for a eyeliner… in terms of liquid liners… I think I found my ultimate liner… cheap & it LASTS!

I’ve had the liner on since 9am, and took the picture around 9pm… after I went out for a run! the liner really stays put!  I have MAC’s fluidline on the lower lash line, and that’s smudged a bit… but the liquid liner is still in place! Definitely recommend checking this liner out. =D