Maybelline Lash Stiletto vs. Majolica’s Lash Expander

Friday, April 10, 2009


I’m comparing these two mascaras because they both claim to do the same thing – lengthening the lashes.  Majolica’s mascara is my all time favorite for lengthening.  How does Lash Stiletto compare?

The first time I used Lash Stiletto, I absolutely hated it.  It had a VERY VERY strong rose smell.  Too strong for my liking, and it lingered around for awhile =S Not only did it have too strong of a smell, it also straightened my curled lashes.  It made them straight.  One of the main things I look for in a mascara is its ability to hold the curl.  I also didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before the day I test drove it, and I was yawning… a lot… It’s not waterproof =[ I haven’t seen a waterproof version of the mascara, but even when they come out with one,  I don’t know if I will try it.  But anyhoo… I decided to give the mascara another chance… I felt the same way the second time I used it… loathed it.

It’s been sitting in my mascara drawer for a few weeks, I decided to give it another try.  and this time, it worked a little better.  I guess maybe the mascara had a bit of drying time?  I don’t know.  It still didn’t keep a perfect curl.


OK… on the left - Majolica.  On the right – Lash Stiletto.  See the difference?  Lash stiletto was able to keep a BIT of the curl, but the lashes closer to the inner half of my eye… was straight =[  And if you look carefully, some transferred under the eye.  So don’t be too quick to blink after putting it on.  hehe.  I probably had the mascara for maybe 3 weeks?  I found that the strong rose scent was still there, but it didn’t linger so long.  I also didn’t want to put on too much of it because I knew putting on more would have completely uncurled my lashes.

Left: Majolica Lash Expander.  My lashes are still curled, separated, and does a better job at lengthening my lashes.  And… no transfer… It’s also more buildable compared to Lash Stiletto.


The Lash Stiletto (right) also clumped a little.  Lash Expander also made my lashes look more natural, and no clumping.

The verdict?

Both are lengthening definately.  Stiletto is probably half the price.  I got Majolica through ebay, around $20 or so with shipping (CDN).  But it works SO much better.  When it comes to eye makeup, lashes are my thing.  I like them to really stand out.  I think they really complete the look, so I don’t mind investing more on a good mascara.  I definately WILL NOT be repurchasing Lash Stiletto.  Until I find a better lengthening mascara, Majolica is still my favourite! =]  Haven’t found anything that compares.

Any suggestions?


M said...

i love the majo majo mascara :)