Items up for grabs!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

All my items are either new or gently used. Accessories are all new.
For more information, or if you would like to purchase something, please email me.

To order, email me with the items you want. First come first serve basis. Paypal only.

To Canada: $3.00 + $0.50 for each additional item
To US: $6.00 + $0.50 for each additional item
International: $10 + 0.50 for each additional item

**If I'm able to package everything and not have it exceed 2cm, I can reduce shipping to $2 (US & Canada) & $5 for International.

For US & International, to add tracking, add $3.00

Happy browsing! =]

Bed Head Manipulator (200mL)
Condition: ~70% left *Note: Product inside is untouched. All I did was pour out a bit of product into a smaller jar*
Price: $15.00

Claires's Necklace
Condition: Never used
Price: $2.00


Condition: Never used
Price: $4.00

Smart Set Necklace

Condition: Never used
Price: $4.00

Red Earrings from Dynamite / Green Earrings from BitterSweet / Bottom ones from Smart Set

Condition: Never used
Red: $2, Green: $6, Smart Set: $2
Benefit Eye Bright
Condition: ~75 - 80% of full size
Price: $5.00

Make Up Forever's Single Lashes
Condition: Never Used, but 1 is missing
Price: $10.00

Nail Polishes
Condition: Tested 1x
Price: From left to right: $1.00, $1.00, $8.00 (Sephora, by OPI)

Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation in L3
Condition: Never used
Price: $30.00

Juicy Couture Hair Shine Mist
Condition: Used 2x

Price: $20.00
Condition: MAC 212SE & 129SE - New / Others used ~5x

From Left to Right
Benefit Foundation Brush - $9
MAC 212SE - $5

Quo Small Eyeliner Brush
Condition: Never used
Price: $5.00

Laura Geller e/s - Grape Pop
Condition: Used ~3 - 4x
Price: $8.00

*Note: my camera didn't really pick up its true colour. It's more purple.*
Vincent Longo's Eye Souffle - Argento
Condition: Swatched 1x
Price: $10.00
Hand Cream

Condition: Used ~5x
Price: $3.00

Clinique Blended Face Powder - 08 Transparency Neutral
Condition: ~75 - 80% left
Price: $10.00

Stila Smudge Pot (Smaller version)
Condition: Black ~95 left, Gray swatched 1x
Price: Black - $5


Stila Illumiating Finishing Power - Gold
Condition: Used 2x, It looks untouched.
Price: $20.00

St. Ives Microderm-abrasion
Condition: Used 3x
Price: 3.00
Marc Anthony Moisture Gloss
Condition: Left - New, Right - 1x
Price: $8 for Both