MAC A Rose Romance Haul + Look!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My haul is quite microsized haha… Here’s what I bought

IMG_2307[Loving Touch See Thru Lip Colour, Silverthorn e/s, Love & Friendship Nail Laquer]

The collection was really pretty, but I had to limit myself to what I should get=[

I already have Creme-de-Violet… Here’s the look I did …



I took Creme-de-Violet and put it all over the lid, then I took Silverthorn and it put over Creme-de-Violet on the inner half.  I then intensified the outer corner with a bit more Creme-de-Violet and just a hint of Black Tied e/s.

On the lower lash line… Silverthorn on the inner half, and Creme-de-Violet on the outer half.

I put on falsies to finish the look… Something I rarely do because I really SUCK at it haha… I’m getting better at it though! =]  I received these falsies from a swap.  It’s some Korean Brand, I don’t know where the cover went so I couldn’t really tell you much about it.

IMG_2401 On my cheeks … Nars Sin

Lips: Mac – Gingerroot lipliner, Marquise’D l/s, Love Nector l/g

 IMG_2398 IMG_2349 IMG_2379


Blair said...

Pretty look!!! Everyone seems to love purple shadows, I have to get a purple palette soon!

Cathy said...

@ Blair... yes I love me purples! hehe

Jamilla Camel said...

I love this look on you...I think this is my fave!