NARS Tallulah Swatch

Monday, May 11, 2009

Continuing with my purple obsession… I decided to go for the dark purple nails… Here’s a swatch for the new limited colour by NARS.  Me love it!

2 coats…


Tallulah & Blue Lagoon are my first NARS nail polishes.  I really like how smooth and pigmented these polishes go on!  The price is a bit hefty.  For 2 polishes with tax was $47 CDN =S  But … the quality of it is amazing =]  Today is the second day of wearing it, and there are no chips, nothing!  Even with nail polish on, I’m not really that careful when I do things, so the polish gets scratched on chipped pretty quickly… at least the Sally Hansen ones I usually wear do… Will update on how long this lasts me! =]