A Long Awaited Update + My Current Everyday Look

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wow! I haven’t been blogging for awhile. Logged back on, and I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since my last blog! As a poor student, I couldn’t afford to purchase anymore make up. So, cutting myself off from all this meant no temptation to spend and buy more and more stuff I didn’t really need. Living on my own really has it’s ups and downs. Kids… if you want to save money, stay with your parents! LOL

I’m back, and lurking here and there, and yes… I still work on film sets, but it’s definitely not something I’ll do forever. I’m hoping to go back to school this September, just waiting for those acceptance letters! Wish me luck!

Anyways, enough about my life, and on with the beauty stuff =]

My current everyday look is pretty simple, I can finish my make up in 5 minutes if I’m in a hurry. Sometimes, I’d go to parties with the same look, just intensified.

Products I use
new doc_2

**Lancome – Teint Idole Ultra (Oil-free, 14-hr Retouch free)
Shade – Bisque 3
LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’m lazy, with combo skin. Working long hrs, this is PERFECT for me. I don’t get oily with this product, and it stays TRUE to it’s 14 hr promise, I’ve never had to retouch my face with this foundation. Notice how there’s no concealer product in my everyday collection? I don’t need it. This is how amazing this foundation is. 1 pump is all I need, sometimes I don’t even use a full pump … 5/5

**NARS blush
Shade – Luster & Deep Throat
I find Orgasm is a bit too light, so I prefer Deep Throat. I did a review on these blushes awhile back. These 2 shades are my faves. I put Luster on for the peachy undertone, then just a dab of deep throat for colour.

**STILA Goddess Eyeshadow Trio
**Lavshuca BR-2 Eyeshadow palette
I switch in between these 2 palettes from day to day depending on which one I pull out first in my make up bag. I love both of them. Stila gives me a more bronze look, and Lavshuca is brown. This Stila trio has made me love Stila products even more. Eyeshadows tend to crease on me… this one I’ve had no problems with, lasts ALL day. It’s creamy, very pigmented, overall 5/5! Generally I pick 2 shades – light shade on inner half, and darker shade on outer half, creating a very natural smokey eye.

**COVERGIRL LASH BLAST Volume Waterproof
2 words – HOLY GRAIL. It’s cheap, holds my curl (# 1 rule about my mascaras), results are better than most of the higher end mascaras out there.

This photo was taken awhile ago, I did chop off my hair!! It’s much longer now… I DO miss my long hair… =[ Generally, this is my everyday make up

Catherine Phan