Quick update

Friday, April 3, 2009

I haven’t been doing many makeup related posts recently.  But I haven’t been doing much.  Aside from having tests and such, I’ve decided I’d start running again.  *gasps* Cathy exercising?? *gasps* haha I started last year, but I got really lazy and stopped.  I need to get back in shape for the summer =[  So these past 2 weeks, I’ve started running again.  I’m proud of myself! lol  I’m in so much pain right now though haha.

Because I go out for runs and such, I don’t even bother with make up.  I wear BB Cream to even out my skintone (much needed) lol, eyeliner (MUFE Aqua eyes), and mascara.  Nothing really interesting.

Actually, this really let me test out my favourite drugstore mascara… L’Oreal Voluminous.  After going out for a run… not a smudge… Not one bit!!!  The MUFE Aqua eye liner… As long as I don’t wing it out, it doesn’t smudge.  It seems to transfer onto the bottom lash line when I wing it out =[.  Still haven’t found a liner that really stays! Grrr…

So that’s what I’ve been up to for the past 2 weeks! Let’s hope I can keep this up!  =]  But not today… it’s all cloudy and wet and rainy … and just plain gross outside …  Plus I think Ghost Whisperer is on tonight, so I’ll be watching that!  And studying for my final test for Anatomy for Monday!!! woot woot… semester’s almost done! Job hunting… oh yea… I’ve been doing that too! So hard to find a job these days.  I figured I could just work at Tim Hortons for the summer.  They are practically ALWAYS hiring.  4 months?  I think I can put up with it…  I’ve put up with a LOT of crap… lol

I promised someone I’d be doing a review on Lash Stiletto this week.  I forgot who.  *Sorriezzz …..*   But I’m really refusing to look like a raccoon after I go out for a run.  I’ve been running at the school gym… so looking like a raccoon is not really an option HAHA.  Yes that mascara… I don’t like.  I will do a post on it with pictures and such next week.  I PROMISE…. =]  Sorry!!