Package… for me! =] Speechless!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wow!  I came home from work today… to find this…


It’s from Jamilla from Makeupforprofessionalwomen dot com

I bought Smashbox’s Halo Powder off of her, I was so excited to see the package because I really wanted to try this powder. =]

I opened it and what do I find inside?


Uh huh… The 3 Chanel nail polishes TOTALLY caught me by surprise!  All I can say Jamilla…. THANKS!  You’re too generous…

I never really tried red polish because I’ve always felt it doesn’t suit me… weird eh? I know… isn’t red suppose to suit everybody?  So because of that, I never really bought a red polish… now…  I must give it a try.  =]


Jamilla Camel said...

Glad to see you got your powder and polishes safe and in one piece!!


Jerah197 said...

the polishes look amazing!!

MiuMiu said...

jamilla is so sweet!
i hope you do a post on the smashbox soon.

fuzkittie said...

How sweet of Jamilla! Have fun with everything, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you got the Smashbox Halo powder too! Hope, it works for you! ;)

Jamilla is too nice!

Miss imperfect said...

i just got my Missha bb cream today it looked kind of pink on my hand does it oxidize a little more throughout the day? I can't wait to use it tomorrow and thanks for being so helpful with all of my question =]