Ramblings #2... Need opinion...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

*sigh* Sometimes I really despise commuting. When traffic is running smoothly, and the subway is free of troubles... it takes me an hour and a half to get to school =[ Lately, the TTC has had so many troubles. On my way to school, there was a delay ... again ... They announced it as 'due to security issues'. That got me thinking. The last 2 times they announced that, it was related to shootings that occured. And not too long ago, a girl was pushed onto the tracks when the train was coming. Then I remembered an article I read in the newspaper maybe 2 weeks ago. Some guy was shot after getting off the bus because he 'butted' the line! I was shocked when I read that. If you read the Toronto Metro, you probably know what story I'm talking about. What has this world become? It's full of violence these days =[

It took me 3 hours to get home today! It's rediculous. It's worse than going home during a big snow storm. My record was 4 hours... Commuting really sucks. They were having some signaling problems today, and the train would inch its way through the stops, and stay at each stop for like 10 minutes grrrrrrr. I was going home around rush hour, and the train was so packed. I need my space... *sigh* I think it's time the TTC had an extreme makeover! LOL

Aside from my commuting problems, something happened today during my midterm, which really annoyed me. I don't know if I should let my prof know about it, or if I should just forget about it. What do you girls (or guys) think? I figure most my readers will be girls. hehe

So I was writing my midterm today, and someone's phone went off for maybe a second, and it stopped. The next thing I knew, the TA was holding up a pink phone and was asking whose phone it was. Now, I didn't recognize the ringtone as being mine, as I like to use unique ones so I know my phone is ringing. That's just me. So I didn't pay much attention to the TA since I didn't recognize the ringtone. Then, the TA says she was gonna throw the phone in the garbage... she walks outside of the test room, puts the phone on top of the garbage and comes back in. Now what really vexes me is that happened to be MY phone that she grabbed from MY PURSE. And it wasn't even my phone ringing. I know because I didn't even have that melody on my phone! GRR So the TA asked if the bag was mine when I finished my test, and then she threatened me saying if my phone ever rings again, she will throw it in the garbage. Plus, I was sure my phone is on vibrate. She asked me why I didn't speak up when she asked whose phone it was, and honestly I was too busy doing my on thing, then to pay attention to to her question after an unrecognized ringtone goes off. I didn't want to argue with her because there were still people writing the test, so I just told her I didn't really pay attention when she asked the question. I double checked if I got any missed calls or messages, and I got none! So clearly... it wasn't my phone!

I find it so wrong to go through someone's purse, and then threatening to throw their things in the garbage. Was she even sure it was my phone? I was sure it wasn't mine! I mean it did ring only ring for a second... so by the time she even got to where all the bags are... it stopped. What makes her think it was my phone? Is it because it was visible in the side pocket? Argh... this is rediculous. What do you guys think? Should I let my prof know??


fuzkittie said...

That is terrible of her!!!! Totally tell the Prof!

Jamilla Camel said...

Agree with Fuz--the the prof, and if he doesn't take action, bring it up with the school administration. She is messing about with your personal property, without your permission. Do apologize for letting your phone ring, but what the TA did was utterly wrong.

Cathy said...

@ Jamilla - it wasn't even my phone. =[

I emailed the prof. She said she will talk to the TA because she believes she could have handled the situation a lot better =]

Jamilla Camel said...

Cathy...sorry sorry sorry...I should have read the post more thoroughly!

You did absolutely the right thing.

Good luck!!

Cathy said...

@ Jamilla - that's alright.

I'm pretty easy going. As long as it doesn't affect my mark, I'm fine with it. But I have 2 more tests in this course... I don't want to hear the TA screaming again =[