I haven't used my Dior palette in a while, so I thought I'd use it today. It's my only Dior palette. =[ I have Stylish Move (970). Below is what I used to create the look.

I test drove the Dot.Dot liners I got today. To be honest.... they suck! I am actually surprised that they DON'T smudge!! But the pigmentation is just not there, and it does fade. I also found the glitters to be a little chunky. However, they are not as chunky as Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy. The foundation there is Smashbox's Healthy FX HD foundation.

For reference:

What I did:

1) Used Dot.dot brown liner as a base (pic on left). I kept on packing the colour... yet you still can't really see it.

2) Use [C] all over lid (2nd from left)

3) [B] on outer corner (2nd from right)

4) [A] to blend out harsh lines

5) [D] to highlight

6) [B] & [C] on lower lash line

7) Dot.Dot white liner on inner corner of eyes

8) Dot.Dot black eyeliner + 2 coats of mascara

The finished eyes:

The cheeks:
MAC Redhead MSF (BBR Collection)

MAC Viva Glam V + Love Nector Lustreglass

And my surprise...

One of my coworkers came back from her vacation from Korea... and she got me a souvenir!!! How sweet! I am so hanging it on my phone. The little doll is so adorable!! =]


MiuMiu said...

the purple looks nice on you...such a romantic look