Mini MAC Haul

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I went to the MAC after class today, and decided to get some stuff using the gift card I got. This haul is like infant size compared to hauls from other bloggers... ahem... you know who you are haha. After reading rave reviews about MAC 109, I just had to try it for myself. I got a sample of the new Studio Sculpt foundation too. =]

The 109 brush was actually smaller than I thought, and it's soooooooooo soft!

Well the real reason why I went to MAC today was not because I wanted the 109.... you probably guessed it....

MAC Hello Kitty Kouture

I love the display. I want to take it home! haha. I didn't even notice it in the store, but now looking at the photo, I see it. There are crystals missing on the left! See them?

The compact for the Mystery powder is pretty pretty, but the compact itself is so heavy! I wouldn't want to carry it around with me lol. And when I opened it, I was surprised at how small the powder was!! I expected to be larger, maybe like the size of a beauty powder. The size of the powder itself is around the size of a cream blush... it's tiny!!! I don't think it's worth the price for the amount of product you are getting.

My Kitty Kouture haul....

These are my first ever MAC Dazzleglasses.... I'm so excited! haha But they look too pretty to use =[ Even the box that it comes in is pretty....
Here are the swatches:

Left: Dazzlepuss

Right: Kitty Kouture

The MAC store that I went to wasn't a pro store, and if I'm not mistaken the MAC 205 (Mascara Fan brush) is a pro brush. And I saw this brush at that store!! I've heard great things about that brush, and I really do want to try it considering how many mascaras I have sitting in my drawer because I don't like the brush. Maybe the 205 will do those mascaras some good. Has anyone tried the 205? Like it?


M said...

i went by mac today and saw the kitty kouture stuff! you're right about the display! its so cute!