A ‘Cookingful’ Weekend

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hehehe… I probably ‘cooked’ more this weekend than I would in a month!  Cooking is usually done for me, or I just look in the fridge and eat whatever is in the fridge. I’m such an inactive person, it’s so bad!  I stopped going for runs maybe last summer, and decided to start again this weekend.  Man… I died out there after two blocks haha.  I ended up walking most of the way.  I feel so unfit haha… So… when I came back from my run… I always want to eat! Mmmm food… haha

The boyfriend’s parents went out for lunch, and we decided to stay back to run… well I did, and I make him come along with me hehe… so… missing lunch meant I would have to make something to eat because he doesn’t cook.  All he knows how to make is instant noodles… grrrr… I just took whatever I found in the fridge and stir fried it all together with some Udon, and made little pork buns…