25 Random Things - Tagged by Aichaku!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aichaku did this tag, and tagged everyone that reads it. So here's mine!! =] Enjoy

1) Beautiful skin is from within. All the skincare will not help you achieve flawless skin if you are not eating healthy.

2) Drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep also helps with getting better skin. [I do notice a difference in my skin when I'm stressed and not getting my sleep]

3) Less is more.

4) Eyeliners out there crease & smudge on me. I'm still on the hunt for my HG liner. I make stay put longer by putting black shadow over it.

5) Jeans are my best friend. I wear them practically everyday! It goes with anything. It can be casual and with the right shoes and accessories, casual becomes dressy.

6) I *love* dangly earrings. I just think they are so pretty!

7) Adore handbags. but, I don't have a black one! *gasps*... I have green, beige, bronze, brown... but no black! I'm quite picky when it comes to bags. I have my eyes on Coach's Sabrina, but I don't have the money right now to buy one =[.

8) Matte & pastel colours don't work well on me. Nor do I like eyeshadows with chunks of glitter in them. Shadows with shimmer in them work best on me and they brighten up my eyes.

9) I always wing out my eyeliner.

10) I don't like the heat or the sun, and I don't mind the cold in the winter. I get so dark so easily in the summer. And it takes forever for the tan to go away *sigh*

11) I have really thick hair. Everytime I get my haircut, my hairdresser always thins out my hair.

12) I don't like bright lip colours. I like to stick to neutrals, and I prefer lipgloss over lipstick.

13) When I study, I snack alot. It keeps me awake.

14) I love to layer my clothes.

15) Patience can be learned. I find that my patience is so much better now after being a tutor for a few years.

16) I think it's better to have a few things your really like or of high quality, then to have a lot of things.

17) If Amazing Race came to Canada, I would audition for it.

18) I *love* asian dramas, especially the ones from Taiwan. It's so addictive!

19) My hair doesn't like to curl. It straightens out by the end of the day. =/

20) Back in highschool, I started to design clothes. I have binder full of drawings I did. Too bad I don't know how to sew.

21) I use to keep up with a lot of TV shows. I don't have the time to watch so much TV now. The only TV show I keep up with now is Ghost Whisperer.

22) I love shows like Law & Order and CSI.

23) I use to watch Wheel of Fortune all the time, and I use to yell at the answer all the time!

24) When it comes to highlighting your brow bone, you aren't suppose to see it!!

25) Sometimes, MAC MA's intimidate me. They wear A LOT of make up, and some of them are so mean!

These are my 25 random things. What are yours? I would love to read your list. Leave me a comment or a link!


aichaku-愛着 said...

It was fun reading your 25 things! Reminded me of a few I left out. :D I agree with 1,2, 3 & 16. & 9 & 14 too. :D

4 happens to me too but less when i use liquid eyeliners, though i haven't found the perfect one yet, i like lunasol's liquid eyeliner.

i'd love to see you on Amazing Race and then I will say, "Oh I read her beauty blog" Keke!

Cathy said...

@ aichaku... hehe I love the Amazing Race... I don't think I'm good enough to actually win it though haha

I haven't tried that many liquid liners, but yes, they do crease less when I do use them. =]

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading these 25 random things about you!


cherryblossom said...

I totally agree on nr25!