Quick Fixes & Tips: Covering a blemish...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is a new series that I'm starting. I'll be posting useful tips and some quick fixes to common mistakes. =]

To start... Concealer!
First off, concealer should always be applied after foundation. This will help prevent you from putting on too much product since your foundation would have already covered a little bit of the discolouration. Also, your concealer won't get 'wiped off'. When choosing your concealer, don't pick a shade that is too light. You don't want to highlight your pimple. And always remember, use a matte finish. Having a shiny pimple will only make it more noticable. If the blemish you are concealing is in the healing process, it'll probably look dry and flaky. Just dab a little oil-free moisturizer over it before you put on you concealer. Remember, concealer won't change the appearance of your pimple. It won't make it disappear. The only thing it'll do is cover the redness.

What can you do if you put too much, and it ends up looking all cakey?
I suggest taking a tissue and buff in the product. If it still looks cakey, soak a cotton swab with makeup remover and remove the concealer. Take a thin concealer brush and reapply with a light touch. Then, remember to set the concealer with some translucent powder.