Quick Fixes & Tips: Too much product on your hair?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Used a little too much product on your hair? No problem!
If the product is oil based, like a serum, put some baby powder or dry shampoo on it. Powder will absorb the oil.

Too much hairspray, gel, or any other styling product? Blowdry it! You're probably thinking... 'Won't that burn my hair?' Chances are, you will see your hair smoking, but it's not your hair burning. It's simply the product burning off.

How do I avoid this?
I don't use styling products everyday. I actually only use it when I curl my hair. However, I do use serum (BioSilk Silk Therapy) on damp hair, then again after I blow dry it to give it that extra shine. What I do is squeeze out just a dime size on the palm of my hand, then I rub my hands together. I start from the back of my head (where our hair is the thickest), and I basically run my fingers down my hair going to the sides after with whatever is left on my hands.

Got any other suggestiosns? I would love to know!