Pink Panther 2 + Demetres

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So this weekend, I went to see The Pink Panther 2. The theatre was so packed!! But I think most people were probably going to see Friday the 13th. I'm not much of a horror film person. *hehe*

This movie was awesome! I definately recommend this movie. Once again, Steve Martin did a marvelous job portraying Inspector Clouseau. I thought the first one was better, but I had a great laugh. It was quite entertaining. Some of the events were predictable, but the movie wasn't long, so they didn't get a chance to drag it out. My favourite part? Without giving too much away, the Pope part *hehe*. I give this movie a 8/10. Definately worthwhile.

And what did I do after?? Eat dessert of course!!! *mmmmm* I can never get enough of Demetres. So goood! The menu is so huge!
And my order... The Last Straw... DELICIOUS!!! I really want to learn how to make that strawberry sauce!
I never get to order The Last Straw because my boyfriend always orders it. *sigh* This time, he ordered The Black Velvet instead [Oreo crumbs with chocolate ice-cream]... The sound of it makes me crave some dessert. mmmm

I'm craving some desserts now. Actually, I'm craving chinese desserts, hehe. I can eat them in place of a meal! Love dessert! =]
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cherzmaster said...

Now I'm going to crave this until I get it... *drools*

looks yummy

Abbiegail said...

demetres *drools*

they have this awesome apple desert thingy too.....